Do you feel at peace, worthwhile and comfortable in your being on a daily basis?

Most of us don’t, even though we live in one of the most affluent and stable societies in history. Wellbeing Wisdom is about learning practices to develop self-awareness, inner peace and a sense of value, some of the building blocks of mental wellbeing.

Have you written a safety plan for your wellbeing?

As practitioners we talk about safety planning all the time. We know the importance of planning ahead for times when you are too overwhelmed to think straight. Yet personally we often wait until we are feeling stressed out to consider self-care – at which time our brain is in action mode and tells us “not yet, just one more thing.” No wonder it is so hard to practice what we preach!

Catherine has built an online module to help you develop a personal safety plan based on the latest research and her clinical expertise as a trauma therapist. You can tick off one hour of active PD while ensuring you stay safe and focused as we respond to the mental health impacts of COVID in the years ahead.

This module will benefit anyone working in human services, but is vital for supervisors, new graduates and trauma therapists to protect your wellbeing and continue to be effective in the work you do.

You can download the accompanying course guide 'Safety Plan for Practitioners' which is a 22 page safety plan template that will guide you through assessing risk and planning for safety.

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Wellbeing Wisdom was founded by two clinical psychologists in Brisbane, Australia for the purpose of sharing wisdom from research and clinical psychology to the widest possible audience. Over our years of treating people with mental health difficulties in hospitals and clinics, as individuals and in groups, we have developed insight and wisdom into what generates and maintains genuine wellbeing. We love our work in clinic where we have had the privilege of witnessing amazing strength and resilience. We realised that the knowledge and skills we use there would bring great joy and fulfillment to the public if they were available more generally.

“We are enthusiastic about sharing our clinical wisdom broadly, with the hopes of improving the overall wellbeing of our society in general.”

Few wellbeing programs are offered by clinical psychologists with specific expertise with complex psychological interventions, conducting scientific research, and translating others’ research findings into clinical practice.

As clinical psychologists, all of our professional activities adhere to the highest standards of ethical practice, and we only offer treatments that are supported by research that establishes their effectiveness.

Who are we?

Who are we?

Dr Catherine HynesDr Catherine Hynes

Catherine Hynes has a PhD in clinical psychology and neuropsychology from The University of Queensland, and also works in private practice in Brisbane. She has worked in community mental health teams and addictions services in the past. Prior to becoming a therapist, she conducted brain research on empathy and social skills. She has a passion for helping people to understand themselves at a deep level in order to release themselves from unhelpful habits, and develop healthier ways of relating to themselves and the world around them. She practices mindfulness and self-compassion through formal meditation and exercise as part of her own path to wellbeing. You can read more about her work on her website:

What will participants gain from our programs?

What will participants gain from our programs?

Our workshops are unique in their focus. As clinical psychologists with 10+ years of treating people, we have refined our skills in engaging the people who come to us when things are extremely difficult to try new things and learn new skills and improve their lives significantly. We are confident that in our workshops, we can motivate our participants to try new things and hone new skills in the same way.

In particular, each workshop will ensure that participants:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Learn up-to-date, scientific and clinical information
  • Acquire practical skills that promote wellbeing
  • Identify their barriers to skills acquisition and practice
  • Troubleshoot these skills during the workshop with direct input from the facilitator
  • Develop a new and lasting perspective on themselves
  • Learn how to manage and be resilient in their busy lives.
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Wellbeing Wisdom workshops are not a substitute for mental health treatment. No health information is collected in the workshops, nor do we offer treatment through these workshops, we solely provide information and training. People with mental health concerns should see their GP or mental health provider.