Safety Planning for Practitioners

This course is grounded in neuroscience and clinical practice – but you won’t learn dry theoretical frameworks. Rather, this course uses interactive content and videos to help you identify your risk profile, build an actionable Safety Plan and develop strategies that will benefit you AND your clients. Click the course link to find out more.



No matter how sophisticated you are, you are an animal- you live in your body. You are not a set of beliefs, ideas or intentions separate from the flesh and blood of your body, nor are you a rock that has no needs. Being able to engage with your biological presence and get a reading of your body's various systems and how they're functioning is a key aspect of your wellbeing. You need to know if you're tired, sore, hungry or thirsty in order to take action to protect your body and function optimally.

Many people struggle to be in touch with their bodies, for various reasons. It may be that your body has been through a lot and you'd rather not remember that. Maybe there is pain in your body, and you've escaped it by ignoring it or distracting yourself. Perhaps you're so busy with your life or your work that you hardly have time to think about what your body needs. Maybe it just never occurred to you to think about your body's needs.

Whatever your reasons for being out of touch with your body, if you're someone who struggles to get in touch with your body, even during a guided body scan meditation, then this course is for you.

The Embody course is gentle and progressive, with brief, manageable exercises that you can practice and master before you take on a bigger challenge. You can choose where to start and you can work up to exercises that you know will be harder for you by choosing ones that are less confronting initially. Feel free to modify anything you need to, for instance, if you find standing difficult, you can do something similar from a seated or lying down position, you may need to make substitutions for body parts.

These tracks are all on the App Insight Timer, under my profile, and you'll recognise them as part of this course because they are all called Embody and they all have statues in the tiles. I hope you get some embodied enjoyment from this course!

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Video Course, under development –

Healthy Relationships

Social Circles
In this video course, which is under development, Catherine walks you through the science and neurobiology behind our needs in relationships, and takes you through a self-assessment and skills building journey to give you what it takes to develop healthier, more sustainable and satisfying relationships. This course will be a comprehensive look at the important elements that help you establish and maintain great interpersonal connections.

When and Where?

This workshop took place on Saturday 9 February 2019 at Spicers Balfour Hotel, New Farm.


Early Bird Price: $97.00 (GST incl) per person per workshop, including refreshments a delicious meal at Spicers Balfour Restaurant.

Bring a Friend Discount: $147.00 (GST incl) if you book 2 tickets.

There are limited seats at this price!


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